Waste Handling & Treatment Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes are a crucial part of waste treatment plants. Common installations for waste treatment cranes include WTE (Waste to Energy) plants, biomass plants or compost plants.

We offer two types of electrical installations to cater for different types of uses. Waste handling grabs can either be electrohydraulic driven for a higher level of control, better side approaches and shorter filling rate. Or waste handling grabs can be driven mechanically for faster opening and closing speed and shorter maintenance time. Summit Cranes can guide you towards the best waste management crane solution, based on your plant’s needs.

With access to GH’s comprehensive range of mechanical grabs, boiler and turbine maintenance cranes and waste handling cranes, Summit Cranes can provide you with the highest quality cranes, equipped with the latest technology. Waste treatment Cranes that are built to last and maximise your investment.

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