Marine Gantry Cranes

Produced by leading marine gantry manufacturer, GH Cranes, our range of automotive marine gantries are available from 10 – 440 Tonnes. Offering a high level on manoeuvrability, our rubber tyred gantry cranes are ideal for any type of shipyard application. In fact, the machines are so versatile we can adapt our marine gantries for use in any industry that requires moving loads accurately in open spaces.

Our marine hoist ship lifting cranes are characterised by their high level performance, low level maintenance and simplicity of use. All of the GH marine gantries we offer feature a tight minimum turning radius, allowing for operation in even the tightest of spaces. All products are built to last, even in the harshest outdoor conditions. To eliminate the risk of corrosion, all screwed connections are sealed with watertight seal during assembly.

We supply the following models of Automotive Marine Gantry Cranes – GH25, GH35, GH50, GH70, GH110, GH165, GH220, GH 275, GH330 & GH440

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These marine jib cranes are studied, designed and built especially for marine maintenance work.

GH automotive marine gantry cranes are available from 10 to 440 Tonnes, all Cranes are characterised by their great robustness, simplicity of use, easy maintenance & maneuverability. With the features and benefits provided by this type of machine, it can be adapted to different industries that require lifting and moving loads in open spaces.