GCH 500/1N 1Ph (500kg – Capacity)


The GIS – CH Electric Chain Hoists are manufactured in Switzerland and offer superior lifting solutions.

With its broad range of load capacities, the electric chain hoists can be specified to fit your application. Flexible options such as:

  • Single speed
  • Low voltage pendant or remote controls;
  • IP 55 with IP 65 optional; and
  • Hook or ring suspension.
  • Single Phase

Each GIS Electric Chain Hoist includes special features such as: control switch with E/Stop, low voltage control 42V, upper and lower geared limit switches in addition to overload clutch. Voltage of 240V. Hoists come standard with 3m lifting height, 1.8m pendant length and eyebolt suspension. These can be adjusted to suit your application.

The GCH 500/1NL 1Ph is available with the following specifications:

  • The GCH 500/1NL 1Ph has capacity of 500kg at M3 rating.
  • The GCH 500/1NL1Ph has a single lifting speed of 4m/min