Summit Cranes is the Official Distributor of GH Gantry & Overhead Cranes in New Zealand

Partnering with GH Cranes to provide innovative and cost-effective lifting solutions.

Summit Cranes brings the latest in lifting technology to the NZ shores through our long standing relationship with European manufacturer GH Cranes. Our range of gantry cranes for sale spans across a diverse range of industries – from portable gantry cranes for marine use, through to portal and jib gantries for steelwork and manufacturing. By providing the NZ market with the latest overhead and gantry cranes fitted with cutting-edge hoisting technology, we at Summit Cranes strive to improve the processes and production of NZ industry.

As leading NZ gantry crane suppliers, we work closely with our customers to find them a lifting solution which best fits their needs. Whether it be a highly portable gantry crane or an overhead crane kit, we guide our customers to the product which will help them get the most out of their business. Summit Cranes has over 35 years of industry experience, providing both Australia and NZ state-of-the-art gantry and overhead cranes.

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Partnering with GH Cranes for all Gantry & Overhead Cranes in NZ

Our relationship with GH Cranes means our entire range of NZ gantry cranes for sale are designed and manufactured in Europe using the highest quality materials and components.

Whether your business is in the market for a small or large crane for sale, the team at Summit Cranes can guide you to the best solutions for your business – from small 10, 15, 20 tonne gantry, through to large 440 ton gantry cranes. Our products offer a range of mobility options with both rail mounted gantry cranes and the more mobile, rubber tyred gantry cranes available.